Torn by War campaign homepage.

The party starts as children (10-14) in the small mountain village of Simmon. On the morning of their sisters wedding, the PCs witness the destruction of all they have ever known. Their homes are now gone and the massacres of their families will forever unite them and build unbreakable bonds that will stand the test of time.

A man bursts through the trees into the clearing. He is riding his horse too hard, especially through waist deep snow; he doesn’t care. Its clear from the desperate look on his face that fear has gripped his very soul. Hooves disappear into the snow and then churns it up into the air leaving the beautiful smooth snow marred in his wake. “Help!” he screams.

The music ends suddenly and the people stop dancing. Their eyes are rivited to the racing stranger in the clearing. The crowd gasps in unison as the horse breaks its leg on a rock hidden by the snow. The horse flips head over heels and lands on its rider.

Torn by War

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